Wednesday, August 19

Things to Consider Before Power Washing

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Power washing a home can
 cost from 12 to 20 cents per
square foot, depending
on location and surface.
You need to be careful when considering pressure washing or power washing your home. Experts liken the experience of using a power washer for the first time to switching from a hand lawnmower to a self-propelled gasoline mower. Basically, it’s kind of a momentous thing; you can’t say the same thing about most tools.

There is a lot of prep work involved in a successful pressure washing job, and the finished product will only be as good as the preparation you did.

People unaccustomed to such work might be advised against trying it themselves.

When cleaning your home’s exterior, window and door seals need to be protected to prevent leaks. Windows could break if you inadvertently hit them with the same pressure you’re using for the rest of the house. Also, the amount of pressure is important. Too much pressure on vinyl siding or stucco or even concrete can cause damage. Similarly, to clean a deck it needs to be low pressure.

So, before hiring a professional company to pressure wash your home, ask some questions:

  • Insurance. Is the contractor insured to cover any damage or injury that might occur when cleaning? Don’t be afraid to ask for a copy of their insurance-certificate binder.
  • Methods. Talk to them about how they’re going to clean it, what kind of process they’re going to use, down to the products they’re using.
  • Landscape. What will they do to protect trees, shrubs or other plants around the house or property? Wetting down plants and keeping them watered is important. If you cover them, it should only be for minutes at a time.

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