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Using Paint Charts to Pick Your Perfect House Color

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Selecting Exterior Paint
Colors Using Paint Charts
Painting your house is always good option if you are planning to remodel or renovate your home. This method does not only give new look to your home easily but also affordable. Painting the exterior of your home is good solution to give a refreshing look to aging home.

Today you can go into a store with a paint color of your choice, and the salesperson can scan it into a special computer software that will create the exact blend (or very close to it) of paint to your specified desires. Technology, you got to love it!

3 Helpful online exterior house paint chart resources:

Still, it is a good idea to get as much of the paint upfront as possible, if not only to save trips between the store and back to your house.

Charting the Success of Your Exterior House Paint Job with Exterior Paint Charts

If you are wondering what kind of paints you can look at using an exterior paint chart from a local store, here is a little run down:
  • Computer software that can scan your desired color to create the exact blend
  • Precision technology to carry out crafting your house paint blend
  • Computer software can match almost every style and brand for exterior house paints (and probably some other stuff too)
  • Once the computer identifies the desired blend, the salesperson can customize it for you and make sure it is absolutely perfect.

Call A.L. Painting Company today to obtain information about the discounts and plans we have available for homeowners seeking exterior house painting services.

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Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA


10% off Interior Painting Coupon 

Top 3 Secrets Revealed Why It’s Not A Good Idea For YOU To Paint The Interior Rooms of Your Home 


 If you are considering painting the interior of your house…Beware. You are probably not a professional painter by trade (probably should get one of those).

When was the last time you painted the interior of your home… ever. If you have done painting before, it might not have been that great and honestly… Do you want the insides of your house looking sloppy and all over the place? With runny paint, or too much paint, uneven layers or all the other horrible things that can go wrong from doing it yourself?

Let us take a serious look at this… Why You Do Not Want to Paint the Interior of Your Home: 

  • You are not a professional – so you probably should hire a professional who is GOOD at what he or she does. 
  • You do not want to waste your time. You have WAY more important things to be doing with your busy schedule than painting the insides of your house. 
  • You do not get an awesome deal. Right now you can get 10% off your ENTIRE interior painting job, get a PROFESSIONAL painter, and make the insides of your house a place you absolutely love to come home to. 

Please reconsider painting your own house. Now, go collect this great deal and get 10% off your entire interior painting job by clicking here.

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Wednesday, June 5

Should I Hire a Professional Pressure Washer

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA
Don't Make a Big Mistake
That Could Cost You Your Deck!
Every spring, homeowners begin their annual homage to maintenance including deck power washing. And each year, homeowners take on the challenge of DIY deck cleaning and end up with damaged wood.

Why should I hire a professional pressure washing service to wash my deck?

Why? The biggest problem is that, in general, people don't know about wood, wood products or how not to harm them. A deck is a horizontal surface, which means it absorbs the maximum sun damage. Strong UV rays from the sun cause puckers within the lignin’s found in the wood, weakening it and making cleaning a little more difficult. Direct sun also causes wood decks to turn grayish, which is a sign that your deck contains damage. This is one of the reasons decks require a seal that has sunscreen.

Also, certain timbers attract a certain amount of dirt or rust from the water used. Most decks have experienced a certain amount of sun damage and deck power washing is not always the best thing to do. No matter how much accumulated dirt or mold, usually a good deck power pressure washing will easily blast it away -- not only the mold, but the wood itself, causing extreme damage.

The power washer can actually remove lignin fibers and weaken the wood. Spraying a weakened wood deck with a pressure washer can rip into the wood, creating permanent damage. If your deck is situated directly in the sun, and if you have neglected providing any maintenance, before performing any cleaning, contact Alpharetta pressure washing services to access any weak spots.

Another innocent mistake homeowners often make is using bleach and wire brushes, or power washers with the wrong jet nozzle to clean their deck.

If the deck has prior damage, you won't want to use household bleach or pressure that's too powerful, which can further weaken the wood fibers and create vulnerable spots that are prone to mold and mildew. In fact, Clorox bleach is rarely used these days on wood decks. Instead, chlorine bleach is used. But keep in mind, chlorine is just as caustic and causes burning or allergic reactions to the skin, not to mention too much can also damage wood.

By utilizing expert Alpharetta pressure washing services homeowners will know if their wood deck has underlying damage, requires specific chemicals or if the wood deck requires sealing.

Finally, wood decks are the perfect environment for a number of issues:
  • Insects: wood serves as a refuge for insects that breed inside since the larvae are nutrients and wood provides ideal protection.
  • The slits: wood joints should be sealed with masonry to prevent dirt and moisture from settling inside. Otherwise, over time the wood will become severely impaired.
  • Wood rot: the most common places wood begins to rot is in the wood joints, with masonry that is not sealed in untreated wood.
Homeowners looking to curb exterior expenses should never ignore deck power washing, as it can cause long-term damage.

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