Wednesday, September 16

How Often Should I Power-wash My Home?

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Keep your home pristine by
power-washing at least once
 yearly and enhance your curb
appeal for everyone around.
This is a common yet important question to answer. Part of owning any house is keeping it in good condition, meaning that a time will come when you will have to power-wash the house exterior.

Power-wash on a regular basis to keep the home clean. A good schedule will keep your home's value up and prevent damage from long-term dirt build-up, and also keep your neighbors happy with you!

To power-wash a house does as much for the look of a home exterior as gardening.

Once you call around to a few professional power-washing companies, they will probably come up with an appropriate schedule for you and this is a good idea. There is no one general rule for frequency of power-washing, but a good general guideline is yearly. Many other factors will affect whether it should be more or less often than this, but some of the most common variables are what material the exterior is made of and the area the home is located in.

  • The materials your home's exterior are made with is important because, for example, one made of stone or concrete will be able to withstand much more often power-washing than say, one that features a lot of wood.
  • The environmental setting around your home is important because those who live in area where there are a lot of trees or that is prone to lots of dust and mold may need to power-wash the house twice a year or more.
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