Wednesday, January 29

Winter is a Great Time to Paint the Interior of Your Home

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Paint your interiors winter
to warm up for the holidays
During this holiday season, and with the Winter months just ahead of us, painting the interior of your home can help lift your spirits and fill up some of that extra time. Now that it's getting a bit too cold to do much outside, especially if you live in the east, there is no excuse for not getting those inside projects completed.

A lot of people go through what's called the "Winter Blahs", and they would rather hibernate instead of being proactive. We are all guilty of this sometimes, despite the lovely season.

Painting is one interior project that can really change a persons' outlook on their home and the season. Just imagine adding some warm colors to a room that has seemed cold, or brightening up your home by painting the woodwork white. Maybe there is a room that has always seemed boring and you've been wanting to paint an accent wall. Remember when you cleaned out the basement and you kept taking a peek because you felt good about what you did? How about when you bought a new shower curtain and towels for the bathroom? 

It changes how you feel about that space. 

Well, just think how you'll feel if you completely transform your room, or your entire home with paint. Not only will you be making those wanted improvements to your home, but think of the time you'll occupy by doing so. If you are going to paint your entire home, and you only have the weekends to work on it, you can make it a Winter project. If you have a family, let everyone get involved and do it together.

Always check with your local paint professional for the paint that best fits you and your project. If you are able, why wait for Spring to work on the inside of your home. 

If you get your painting done while it's cold outside, you'll have that free time to go outside when it warms up. 

Then think how you'll feel when you return to your newly painted home. Winter is a great time to liven up the interior of your home and battle those Winter blahs.

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Tuesday, January 28

Pressure Washing Adds Value To Your Alpharetta Home Sale

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA

It looks good for the house and your neighborhood and will maximize your home's market value.

A thorough pressure washing of the exterior of your home will leave your house free of mold and mildew and will make paint adhere better, if you decide to paint prior to selling.

Why Should I Hire A Pressure Washer?

Pressure washing is a much more skilled trade than most realize. First, pressure washing is a real job, real work and real dangers. Pressure washing takes a great deal of know-how and experience. If a person puts 3000 or 4000 pound per square inch of water to a soft surface without being properly trained, the least that will happen is that a homeowner will spent a bunch of money on repairs.
[[ Yahoo Voices : The Importance of Pressure Washing Your Home ]]

Remember the benefits of a professional pressure washed home:
  • remove dirt, grime and fungus from your home
  • dramatically improve the appearance of your home
  • increase the value of you home

A.L. Pressure Washing does not end with the wash, however, as we also offer painting and staining services for decks, porches, patios, stairs and the house itself (interior and exterior).

Wednesday, January 22

Hiring A Pressure Washing Service in Georgia

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA

Pressure Washing
Services for
Alpharetta GA Homes
Pressure washing the exterior of your home.

Whether it is deck pressure washing, sidewalk pressure washing, or a complete exterior house pressure washing, this is the simplest and fast way to make your house or place of business brand new. There is no quicker than pressure washing your Alpharetta home or business to make it go from looking dirty to looking amazing.

The thing is, most people just do not understand how to do this right. That is why hiring a pressure washing services is so invaluable. Besides, you have so much stuff going on for your day already, why would you want to frustrate yourself doing your own deck pressure washing when you could be doing more important things?

Speaking of unfamiliarity, a lot of people don’t understand the benefits of pressure washing services. Here’s a small list:

•    Cost efficient
•    Cuts down on needing to repaint so often (both cost efficient and stress reducing!)
•    Get rid of everyday buildup of dirt, dust and other nasty afflictions that your house or business suffers from.
•    Remove dirty stains (stains that will only come cleaning through competent exterior house pressure washing.)
•    Makes your house or place of business look completely new (and shiny!)

Hiring a pressure washing services is so invaluable.
As long as you hire the right pressure washing services company, all of these benefits can be had for you very easily. If you are trying to make an old place look new, whether you are trying to sell a house or just enjoy the look of your own, pressure washing is the surest fire way to improve a building’s appeal.

By hiring a pressure washing services company routinely, you can easily maintain the beauty of your building. It is also about maintenance after all. After your first full exterior house pressure washing is completed, it does not take much more work to keep it looking brand new from then on.

Much akin to exercising or brushing your teeth every day, having your house pressure washed frequently will keep the building in both good health and good looks.

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Wednesday, January 15

House Painting Color Trends for 2014

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA
Interior or exterior house painting
color trends for 2014
Choosing the right paint colors for your Georgia home can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for a single shade or are choosing paint color combination for the entire home, our list of online 2014 house paint forecasts will help you select the right shade for any living space, from bedrooms to kitchens and everything in between.

HOUSE PAINTING TIP! Use Color Architecturally
One of the most effective ways to use color to transform a room is to play up its architectural features. Molding, mantels, built-in bookcases, arched doorways, wainscot, windows, and doors all offer an opportunity to add another layer of interest to colored walls.

Paint molding or doorways just one step lighter or darker than the primary wall. It's a subtle shift in color but it really brings your eye to the detail.

For a bolder approach, try using two different colors in the same room. Paint a built-in bookcase or niche a shade of green in a room with blue walls, which will highlight the items on the bookcase or inside the recessed area. Of course, architectural elements can also provide continuity throughout a house if they are painted the same color in every room.

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Monday, January 13

VIDEO: Reasons for Pressure Washing Your House

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA

That was great information!

A. L. Pressure Washing services can help prevent costly repairs and keep your home market-competitive.

Our residential pressure washing services serve the Roswell, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Duluth, Canton, Norcross, and Metro Atlanta for all their pressure washing services, we offer a wide variety of affordable plans for our comprehensive renovatoin services. These services include but are not limited to:
  • House Pressure Washing Services
  • Gutter and Downspout Pressure Washing Services
  • Driveway Pressure Washing Services & Sealing
  • Walkway Pressure Washing Services
  • Step and Porch Pressure Washing Services
  • Fence Pressure Washing Services
  • Garage Pressure Washing Services
  • Patio Pressure Washing Services
  • Pool Deck Pressure Washing Services
  • Deck Pressure Washing Services

A. L. Pressure Washing service does not end with the wash, however, as we also offer painting and staining services for decks, porches, patios, stairs and the house itself (interior and exterior).

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Wednesday, January 8

Pressure Washing for Alpharetta homes

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA
A.L. Pressure Washing Services
Extensive preparation to the exterior surfaces of the home is required when considering the desired results of exterior house painting.

While spray painting the exterior surface is appropriate, some home owners consider brush exterior painting for a lustrous, rich finish that is hand applied by a exterior painting professional.

Homeowners looking to curb exterior expenses should never ignore deck power washing, as it can cause long-term damage.

How We Prep Your House For Professional Exterior Painting Results

    • Pressure wash the entire exterior
    (removes loose and peeling paint, mold and mildew, dust and pollen)

    * Please allow a day of full sun to ensure complete exterior drying

    • Cracks and holes are filled in and sanded smooth
    • Remaining peeling paint is hand scraped
    • Bare wood is primed by hand
    • Shrubbery, plant beds and flowers are covered for protection
    • Windows and decorative doors are covered with plastic sheeting

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Wednesday, January 1

How to Find The Right House Painting Service Contractor

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA
A.L. Painting Co.
offers a 3-Year No Fear!
house painting Warranty. 
Finding residential house painters in Alpharetta who are licensed, insured and committed to excellence is important to receiving a quality paint job on your biggest investment--your home.

A. L. Painting Co. has specialized in house painting services and are proud members of the Better Business Bureau, including the BBB’s CARE program, since 2001.

Be sure to check out the house painting contractor at before signing a contract and discuss the following:
  • What are your credentials, experience and training.
  • Are you insured.
  • What is the process and preparation.  Gain a clear understanding of what they do and how they go about prepping the house for painting.
  • How you can best prepare for a professional  to come to your home. Find out specifically what the painter needs from you (you may need to commit personal time to get your home prepared for the process).
  • Be clear about your budget and do not sign any contracts until you fully understand what is or isn’t included in the service.
  • Get clarification on what their services include, for example, purchasing of supplies for the organization process.
  • Ask for an estimate on how long the projects you have in mind will take to complete. Inquire about what might change/modify the timeline.
  • Find out how the house painter disposes of items removed from your home or office and if there are additional fees. 
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