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A Selection of Wall Color Combination Ideas from Today's Designers

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Skip white trim...
Everyone knows how to do a standard color on a wall with painted white trim, and that usually looks beautiful, but sometimes the same tried and true methods can get a bit boring.

Spice it up! Don't be afraid to use more tones of color...

Here are some interesting color combination ideas from top designers that are fresh and exciting for inspiration as you prepare to have your interior painted:

  • Red on Red! Imagine a red on red library or even a bedroom with a bold Chinese red in a high gloss painted over several times for added depth, and then a slightly browner subdued red on the mouldings to create a shadow line and add contrast. This example is bold and intense but you can see how it would pull you in...
  • Baby Grey with Mahogany: For a very soothing yet sophisticated and understated "earth and sky look", in a room with lots of dark wood, try a baby blue-grey with a lot more grey in it, so it doesn't look blue but just has a touch, and paint all the trim a dark chocolate brown. This looks beautiful with glass lighting to warm up the space.
  • Grey and Lavender: Another fun thing to do with the versatility of the grey neutral is to pick a medium shade with an earthy hue that can span from green to straight grey to bluish depending on the light and time of day (yes, this works best in a room with lots of natural light, maybe a kitchen?) and then sweeten it up with some very pale lavender trim.

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Avoid a Huge Headache and Hire Professionals to Paint Your Home Exterior

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Paint your home this Spring.
Preparing to paint the exterior of a home is a long and detailed process, involving many arduous steps starting with repairing and replacing any damaged surfaces, to looking for and patching all nail holes and cracks, to major sanding and scraping, caulking, epoxy fillers, and the correct primers, just to name a fraction of what is involved. Also, Removing or covering all light fixtures, plumbing outlets, electrical covers and house numbers, removing all screens, and using dropcloths are all necessary. There are many materials to purchase aside from the paint, and a lot of research must be done accurately.

This may be the most important painting (and preparation) you do and unless you have experience with painting you might want to consider leaving this for the pros, because if you make a mistake everybody will see it.

Paint and preparation vary with the type of surface: wood, stucco, metal, masonry. Check with your paint store to ensure you've got the right products. In addition, here are three final tips:
  1. You can't paint vinyl or plastic. If there's a problem with any of these surfaces, you'll probably have to replace them.
  2. If the exterior was painted before the 1980s, you may be dealing with lead-based paint, which is extremely hazardous, especially for kids and pregnant women. Call the National Safety Council's Lead Information Center at (800) LEADFYI for instructions on how to deal with it safely.
  3. If you're using anything other than water-based latex, never put paint-soaked or cleaner-soaked tools or rags in an enclosed area of any kind - even a trash can with a lid. This is a recipe for spontaneous combustion.
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Wednesday, July 1

This Spring 2015: Have Your Home Exterior Painted By a Professional Team!

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
It is better for both the
painters and the paint itself to
not paint on a super hot
summer day; pick Spring!
As the weather switches from messy to mild in much of the country, every homeowner’s attention turns to the out of doors. It’s time to clean things up, tend to the garden, and make needed changes to both the home and its surroundings. Where to start? Assuming that your exterior paint is failing, it’s best to focus on that first.

There are plenty of good reasons to paint pronto, some of which are simply a matter of common sense.

Here are briefly some of the reasons why exterior painting should be first on your "Spring To-do List":

  1. First, the weather is most comfortable now.
  2. Second, it’s smart to paint before putting down your mulch, which along with your plants, will just get trampled if you paint later on.
  3. Third, why not get your painting done before more pleasant “distractions” like vacations, sports, and barbecues begin?

Another reason to get to your painting first:
Exterior latex paint forms the toughest, most durable, protective finish when the weather is neither too cold, nor too hot, but just right. . .like it is in the Spring.

It’s always best to do exterior painting when temperatures are above 50 degrees F., but not too extreme. Very hot days can cause the paint to dry too quickly and impair good paint film formation. By painting in moderate temps, odds are you may get a longer-lasting paint job.

Pick a day that’s not windy to paint. Like the heat of the sun, wind can cause latex paint to dry too quickly and prevent optimal paint film formation. Plus, wind can stir up dust and other contaminants that can imbed in the paint to create an inviting surface for mildew, which feeds on such matter.

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