Thursday, March 15

Power Washing Your Home Adds Value to Your Home Sale

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Your home's value can decrease when the structure begins to look unattractive and worn. A good pressure washing can increase your home's market value.

It looks good for the house and your neighborhood and will maximize your home's market value.

A thorough pressure washing of the exterior of your home will leave your house free of mold and mildew and will make paint adhere better, if you decide to paint prior to selling.

Why Should I Hire A Pressure Washer?

Pressure washing is a much more skilled trade than most realize. First, pressure washing is a real job, real work and real dangers. Pressure washing takes a great deal of know-how and experience. If a person puts 3000 or 4000 pound per square inch of water to a soft surface without being properly trained, the least that will happen is that a homeowner will spent a bunch of money on repairs.
[[ Yahoo Voices : The Importance of Pressure Washing Your Home ]]

Remember the benefits of a professional pressure washed home:
  • remove dirt, grime and fungus from your home
  • dramatically improve the appearance of your home
  • increase the value of you home

A.L. Pressure Washing does not end with the wash, however, as we also offer painting and staining services for decks, porches, patios, stairs and the house itself (interior and exterior).
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