Wednesday, February 25

Living Room Paint Ideas

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Make your room gorgeous!
Choosing a paint color will change the whole atmosphere of a room, therefore when picking a color start by deciding how you want the room to feel.

Take a look at this gallery for some wonderful color inspirations.

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Wednesday, February 11

Kitchen Painting Tips

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Gather all the colors that appeal to
you and narrow down choices.
When a total renovation exceeds your budget, painting walls, moulding and even cabinetry can give your kitchen a face-lift, making it appear more spacious and fresh.

Color-challenged decorators needn't worry; simple tools can help you select timeless colors that complement your existing finishes for a universal appeal.

Finish is as important as color, so opt for easy-to-clean satin or eggshell paint.

  • Planning for Resale?Avoid trend-setting colors that can make a home look dated when you try to sell it later (think: the avocado appliances from the '70s). Nature-inspired colors such as terra cotta and granite can add a color punch while maintaining a classic elegance that isn’t so strong or personal that it could turn off potential buyers. Softer tones in lighter colors create a more roomy feel and allow you to make a grand color statement with accessories and art. Choosing a lighter color gives you the option to save excess paint for quick touch-ups or to apply a fresh coat before showing your home to potential buyers.
  • Choosing Colors for Mood:Color psychologists identify the influence of paint choice on our disposition, appetite and energy level. Strategically choose your kitchen colors to suit your personality and goals for the time you'll spend in the space. Orange hues stimulate appetite, which can help inspire pickier eaters at dinnertime. Those who find themselves drawn to the kitchen should consider painting it blue, which not only encourages relaxation, but can also decrease appetite. Red stimulates energy, and yellow lifts the mood, making either color an ideal choice to highlight a breakfast nook.

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Wednesday, February 4

Easy Color Finder

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Have more fun decorating!
Find the perfect paint color for your home!

Get great paint ideas before you even pick up a paintbrush with this easy Color-a-Room tool.

Match your paint color to the colors of your furniture, flooring and trim.

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