Wednesday, October 14

4 Things to Do in Prepping for Window Cleaning

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Let all the light shine
in with crystal clear
windows this year!

are the self-explanatory reasons not to mess around with DIY window cleaning for your home. Get professionals to do the high climbing they are used to doing, with the proper tools for this very time-consuming task.

There are just 4 simple tasks in order prepare the house for the window-washing team:

  1. Clean the blinds or have them cleaned: The dust from the blinds will get back onto the newly washed windows, so clean them first or ask if it's a service the company offers.
  2. Consider what else they can do: Look around and see if there are any tall light fixtures that need attention or fans that need to be cleaned and find out how much that will cost.
  3. Move your fragile items away from the windows: Just be on the safe side; do yourself a favor and prevent extra stress over worrying about possible accidents.
  4. Ask about screen cleaning: Finally, take note of your screens and realize the ones outside will need a much more thorough cleaning. Make sure the cleaners are mindful of this.
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