Wednesday, September 2

Educate Yourself on Painting Prep Before Hiring

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Try to make sure decorative
removable pieces are painted
separately, then replaced.
When hiring a professional team to re-paint your house this Spring, there are a number of steps to go through before the actual painting can start.

It is wise to know some of the process yourself. 

This way you can assess how well the job is being done as a client and rest assured that it will be done properly and no corners are being cut.

So that nothing gets damaged, surrounding landscape plantings, air conditioning units, BBQ grills and the like will need to be protected from cleaning agents, paint chips, paint splatters and other debris.

You will want to make sure that they:

  • Turn off power to the air conditioner condensing unit.
  • Turn off gas to the BBQ grill and other appliances.
  • Use canvas drop cloths cover the exterior appliances, foundation plantings and other delicate plants that could be damaged. (Not plastic tarps since they do not breathe like canvas and the plantings will swelter under the plastic sheets.)
  • You also may want to tie a cord around tall bushes near the house and pull the bush away from the home and stake it in the ground so the bush does not interfere with painting if you think the drop cloths are not quite protecting everything.
After these steps, things affixed to the house should all be removed and patched or painted, to be replaced after the exterior painting is completed.

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