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Color Trends 2015

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Color itself is like one of the senses, enhancing our world and our state of mind. Color can bring about a transformation- energizing, refreshing, calming, expanding or warming your space. Using color at home in a decorating scheme can sometimes be a bit of a balancing act. This is why it's important to select the color that’s just right for your home.

For 2015, here is a glimpse of how rooms look using different tones and values of new trend colors on the walls. The “balance” happens when decorative colors are added in furniture, window treatments and other accessories. View mixed and matched colors from different palettes to show how versatile they can be when partnered with different colors.

The result is an inviting, inspiring and harmonious makeover for your room!

  • Deep Dreams: What Colors Do You Dream In? Dark colors will transform a bedroom into a dreamy, mythical landscape. Clean white trim and lampshades add a light contrast, and bright pops of color in the bedding will add layers of texture and interest.
  • Frosted Pastels: Barely-There Whispers of Color Open Up a Space. Pastels aren’t just for nurseries anymore - especially when you combine them with zesty modern accents. Pair with a few clean white accents to enhance.
  • Social Brights: Spark Conversation With a Bright Feature Wall! The key to using brights is to use them strategically. They work well when partnered with neutrals, dark hues or light hues. Modern styling and black and white d├ęcor go hand in hand with vivacious accent colors.
  • Nuanced Neutrals: Effortless, Organic Colors Feel Right at Home. Comfortable, weathered colors are the hallmark of today’s midrange neutral palette. Make your kitchen the perfect marriage of function, color and contentment.

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