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Consider a Triad Color Scheme for Your Home Decor in 2015

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A softened version of the
red, yellow and blue triadic
colors is just one of the
many ways to execute this
design plan elegantly.
For a fresh new way of coming up with an exciting and pleasing color scheme for your interior paint job, consider a triadic theme.

This interior color scheme uses 3 colors evenly spaced around the color wheel; in other words, if you combine every fourth color on the color wheel, you will get a Triadic combination. For example, yellow, red and blue, or orange, green and violet make up a Triad.

Triadic interior paint color schemes are very popular among artists, because they offer strong visual contrast while still looking balanced and rich when composed properly.

Similar to Complementary interior color schemes, a Triad color scheme is intrinsically vibrant and very contrasting. The possibilities it offers are nearly infinite. But since the colors in the scheme are placed so far apart from one another and are not connected by a common denominator, they tend to compete for attention.

Truth be told, this interior home color scheme is probably the most difficult one to get right. The diversity of colors within the scheme does not guarantee harmony - in fact, this palette can look really discordant when its colors are used at or close to their full intensity. The end result can range from subtle to lively to gaudy, so the success of this scheme will really depend on your ability to carefully balance and subdue this bold and colorful mix of hues.

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