Wednesday, March 18

Simple Expert Home Painting Tips

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Paint some large-scale
swatches to help visualize
 your color decisions.
Color isn't easy!

To get the exact color you will end up being happy with, do your homework and test a series of 5-7 variations on the hue you choose by painting a swatch of each on the wall and live with it for a while.

 Also note any reflections from outside. For example, if you have a large tree in front of a window, you may get green reflecting in and that will affect the paint color on the wall.

For your interest, here are three quick expert tips to further guide you in having your home painted:

  1. How to add color to a rental apartment with white walls or exposed brick?If you are living in a rental apartment or house, always speak with your landlord before making any design changes. Once you receive the blessing, go for it. If allowed, you can paint one wall, maybe it's the brick one, and it can serve as an accent in the room. Spend time in the room at all hours of the day to see when it gets light and where the light hits. This will determine which wall to paint and what color to choose (dark or light). Remember to note any color reflections.
  2. How to pick a neutral color for a nursery when you don't know if the child is a boy or a girl?
    Classic yellows, bright and happy, and greens, fresh and clean, will always work. Pair them with a crisp white for a modern look or a creamy taupe for a more traditional feel. Don't be afraid of using gray, too, for a really contemporary take on a nursery. Brighten it up by combining it with yellow accents for a complimentary mix.
  3. How to add color to the exterior of your house?
    You can be fairly liberal in painting doors and shutters, depending on the overall color of the house. Choose deep, rich, saturated hues here if you wish. Not willing to invest in a big paint job? Add color to the mailbox (or even the little flag) or paint house numbers on a planter in a great color that matches your home's exterior.

A.L. House Painting and Pressure Washing also offers staining services for decks, porches, patios, stairs and the house itself (interior and exterior).  All your home renovation needs.

Wednesday, March 11

The Right Exterior Paint Colors Will Increase Curb Appeal

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Choose a Quality
Painting Professional
to Freshen Up
Your Home's Exterior
Whether you're in the market looking to buy or sell, or to own or lease out a property, curb appeal plays a central part of the decision.

And one of the easiest ways to address curb appeal is to change or improve your exterior paint colors. 

Here are 8 tips to help you choose your exterior paint colors:

  1. Accentuate the Past - If you have the help of a designer--and most of the professional or contractor paint shops offer such an expert--then ask him or her to find paint samples from the era in which your home was built.
  2. Be Aware of Neighbors' Exterior Paint Colors - Will the colors you are leaning towards fit in the overall feel of the neighborhood? Can you manage to be unique without being the eyesore?
  3. Structural Harmony with Rest of the House - Structural elements such as roof color/material, landscaping, and natural surroundings can suggest color families to help you decide your exterior paint colors.
  4. The Inside Affects the Outside - Don't be afraid to pull the colors for your home from a beloved piece from inside (a quilt, some china,) and translate it onto your exterior. This adds a sense of harmony and integrity in design, and can be as subtle or obvious as you'd like.
  5. White House: The Color of Tradition - With the right complementary touches, white can be a fantastic exterior paint color option. Don't think of it as a last resort or a default color; white is not a non-choice. White has its stately appeal.
  6. Darker Details Draw the Eye In - If you have an archway or trim, or any particular feature you want highlighted, draw attention with darker colors.
  7. Consider the Number of Colors - Adding too many colors to a home that's really designed to have a maximum of 3 or 4 colors will make the home look garish. The right home can have as many as 10 colors, but this requires the keen eye of a professional designer to make it work.
  8. Take Advantage of Color Tools - At the very least, you will need to pick up a handy paint tool commonly called a color wheel or color fan. Ask your dealer if they can loan you a fan, or if you can take some samples once you think you're decided. 

When you choose A. L. Painting House Painting Services, you’ll see why we’ve grown to become a trusted name in the house painting contractor business.  

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Wednesday, March 4

Should I Hire a Professional Pressure Washer?

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Professional washers
make it look easy!
Do you want a quick and easy way to have the outside of your home looking its best? Of course you do! After all, your home is a big investment. You want it to be a beautiful part of the community and to retain its value for years to come.

Pressure washing can take a house that is starting to look a little time worn and transform it back to its former glory.

So the question is: Is this a do it yourself weekend project, or should you hire a professional company?

Here are a few reasons to let the pros handle your pressure washing:

  • First of all, while you may be able to do some web searches on what type of cleaner to pressure wash your house with, a professional service is going to know what works. They have experience pressure washing wooden porches, vinyl sided homes, brick, and many other surfaces. It takes the guess work out of it for you. Another option that many pressure washing services offer now is to have Eco-friendly cleaners used on your home. That means no chemicals that set off allergies for your family or prove dangerous to pets.
  • Second, a professional service can afford to have a professional pressure washer. Someone who pressure washes their own home to save a little money isn't going to spend thousands of dollars on a pressure washer. You just get better work when you have better equipment. Rather than struggling for hours to be unhappy with the job that a hundred dollar pressure washer does, let a professional make it look easy because it's their job to.
  • Next, you have to consider the fact that a professional company should both have insurance and offer a guarantee. That means that if something gets messed up during the cleaning process, it's covered. That's something you don't get when you do your own pressure washing. A professional is also far less likely to mess anything up in the first place since they have so much experience. Plus, a professional company will guarantee your satisfaction. If you don't like the job you do, you either have to do it again or go out and hire someone anyway. If you don't like the job they do, it's on them to come back and fix it.
  • Most importantly, the weekend is your time off. You have plenty to get done around the house without adding a pressure washing project. Spend the time with your family or engaging in a hobby you don't always get to pursue. Hiring a professional pressure washing service can give you the confidence to relax while the work gets taken care of for you.


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