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Top House Painting Brands Ideal For Atlanta Homes

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Types Of Paint Brands

Professionals that provide interior
house painting services often point
clients towards Benjamin Moore
as a reliable paint.
When the desire to renovate their space strikes Atlanta area residents will find that there is a plethora of paint brands to choose from. This is a good/equal parts bad thing. As they say, variety is the spice of life—on the other hand—too much of a good thing could leave one confused and unable to decide what will work for their project.

Well, when looking at starting point, any seasoned professional will tell you that the best place to start is with Benjamin Moore paint. Usually covering with one stroke, Benjamin Moore is a leader in exterior and interior paints. Professionals that provide interior house painting services often point clients towards Benjamin Moore as a reliable paint.

But as with all things that work well and efficiently, Benjamin Moore is relatively expensive. If you plan to paint more than one area of your home, to cost can really escalate. Below are lists of links that discuss other paint brands that may be just as effective and give you more bang for your buck:



Which Paint Brand Is Best?
The difference in paint brands goes beyond more than just their brand names. Different brands use different chemical compositions and varying quality products to make their paint.


Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams
High-end paints, like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, may cost more, but they consistently rank higher for overall quality than other paint options. Both of these top paint brands have paints that will resist fading when exposed to direct sunlight, which helps your paint look better longer.


Paint Buying Guide
Many aspects of paint performance depend more on the quality of the base than on the color. The tint base largely determines the paint's toughness and resistance to dirt and stains, while the colorant determines how much the paint will fade.

The Test
To accurately compare the paints, we needed to devise a balanced test that would be applicable in a real-life scenario. In that effort we setup a sheet of drywall and painted a deep red checkerboard pattern.


Top 8 Interior Paint Manufacturers
Painting your walls, ceiling, or furniture can be one of the least expensive ways to bring a fresh change to your space. But if the job is done poorly or the finish doesn't hold up, you'll feel that the results are less than satisfactory.

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