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Big Benefits of Pressure Washing Your Home

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA
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Pressure Washing Services in Alpharetta

Hiring a pressure washing services is so invaluable. Besides, you have so much stuff going on for your day already, why would you want to frustrate yourself doing your own deck pressure washing when you could be doing more important things?

The benefits of hiring a pressure washing service to pressure wash your home:

  • Cost efficient
  • Cuts down on needing to repaint so often (both cost efficient and stress reducing!)
  • Get rid of everyday buildup of dirt, dust and other nasty afflictions that your house or business suffers from.
  • Remove dirty stains (stains that will only come cleaning through competent exterior house pressure washing.)
  • Makes your house or place of business look completely new (and shiny!)

Hiring a pressure washing service company routinely, you can easily maintain the beauty of your building. It is also about maintenance after all. After your first full exterior house pressure washing is completed, it does not take much more work to keep it looking brand new from then on.

Whether it is deck pressure washing, sidewalk pressure washing, or a complete exterior house pressure washing, this is the simplest and fast way to make your house or place of business brand new. There is no quicker way than pressure washing your Alpharetta home or business to make it go from looking dirty to looking amazing.

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Wednesday, December 18

House painting services in Alpharetta Georgia : Preparation prior to house painting

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA
Importance of prepping
exterior of home prior to
house painting.
Extensive preparation to the exterior surfaces of the home is required when considering the desired results of exterior house painting.

While spray painting the exterior surface is appropriate, some home owners consider brush exterior painting for a lustrous, rich finish that is hand applied by a exterior painting professional.

how we prep the exterior of a house prior to painting

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How We Prep Your House For Professional Exterior Painting Results

    • Pressure wash the entire exterior
    (removes loose and peeling paint, mold and mildew, dust and pollen)
    * Please allow a day of full sun to ensure complete exterior drying
    • Cracks and holes are filled in and sanded smooth
    • Remaining peeling paint is hand scraped
    • Bare wood is primed by hand
    • Shrubbery, plant beds and flowers are covered for protection
    • Windows and decorative doors are covered with plastic sheeting

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Wednesday, December 11

House Painting Coupons Atlanta, Alparetta, Roswell, Lawrenceville Georgia

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA
A. L. Painting Company has  always placed a high value on customer relations and to celebrate this fact, we are offering 10% off interior house painting services.  Just present the coupon at the time of your free estimate and receive a discount on custom house painting services.

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We at A. L. Painting Company have proudly built a firm and lasting reputation within the Roswell, Alpharetta and Atlanta communities. 

This reputation could not have been cultivated without the hard work we put into attaining complete customer satisfaction.

When it comes to our high quality interior painting services, we happily supply the best materials as well as a wide variety of color and paints to choose from.

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We proudly serve Atlanta, Roswell and Alpharetta areas.

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Wednesday, December 4

Pressure Washing Services for Cleaning Your Decks and Walkways

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA
Don't Make a Big Mistake
That Could Cost You Your Deck!
Every spring, homeowners begin their annual homage to maintenance including deck power washing. And each year, homeowners take on the challenge of DIY deck cleaning and end up with damaged wood.

Why should I hire a professional pressure washing service to wash my deck?

Why? The biggest problem is that, in general, people don't know about wood, wood products or how not to harm them. A deck is a horizontal surface, which means it absorbs the maximum sun damage. Strong UV rays from the sun cause puckers within the lignin’s found in the wood, weakening it and making cleaning a little more difficult. Direct sun also causes wood decks to turn grayish, which is a sign that your deck contains damage. This is one of the reasons decks require a seal that has sunscreen.

If the deck has prior damage, you won't want to use household bleach or pressure that's too powerful, which can further weaken the wood fibers and create vulnerable spots that are prone to mold and mildew. In fact, Clorox bleach is rarely used these days on wood decks. Instead, chlorine bleach is used. But keep in mind, chlorine is just as caustic and causes burning or allergic reactions to the skin, not to mention too much can also damage wood.

By utilizing expert Alpharetta pressure washing services homeowners will know if their wood deck has underlying damage, requires specific chemicals or if the wood deck requires sealing.

Finally, wood decks are the perfect environment for a number of issues:
  • Insects: wood serves as a refuge for insects that breed inside since the larvae are nutrients and wood provides ideal protection.
  • The slits: wood joints should be sealed with masonry to prevent dirt and moisture from settling inside. Otherwise, over time the wood will become severely impaired.
  • Wood rot: the most common places wood begins to rot is in the wood joints, with masonry that is not sealed in untreated wood.
Homeowners looking to curb exterior expenses should never ignore deck power washing, as it can cause long-term damage.

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