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How Often Should I Power-wash My Home?

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Keep your home pristine by
power-washing at least once
 yearly and enhance your curb
appeal for everyone around.
This is a common yet important question to answer. Part of owning any house is keeping it in good condition, meaning that a time will come when you will have to power-wash the house exterior.

Power-wash on a regular basis to keep the home clean. A good schedule will keep your home's value up and prevent damage from long-term dirt build-up, and also keep your neighbors happy with you!

To power-wash a house does as much for the look of a home exterior as gardening.

Once you call around to a few professional power-washing companies, they will probably come up with an appropriate schedule for you and this is a good idea. There is no one general rule for frequency of power-washing, but a good general guideline is yearly. Many other factors will affect whether it should be more or less often than this, but some of the most common variables are what material the exterior is made of and the area the home is located in.

  • The materials your home's exterior are made with is important because, for example, one made of stone or concrete will be able to withstand much more often power-washing than say, one that features a lot of wood.
  • The environmental setting around your home is important because those who live in area where there are a lot of trees or that is prone to lots of dust and mold may need to power-wash the house twice a year or more.
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A.L. House Painting and Pressure Washing also offers staining services for decks, porches, patios, stairs and the house itself (interior and exterior).  All your home renovation needs.

Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Service and Make Sure the Job is Done.

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
It's time to clean up
your outdoor look
this Spring season!
You can buy a pressure washer just about anywhere. Walmart even sells them. But just because they’re available doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get one.

Besides, when you hire a pro, that expert already comes with his own toys.

Finding the Goldilocks spot is a balancing act. Too little pressure and you’re only going compact the grime deeper into the grains of wood. Too much pressure causes etching in the surface. A pro knows when it’s not too hot and not too cold. They know when everything’s just right.

When you hire a professional, they come equipped with the latest gizmos and gadgets to do the job. When you rent a power washer, you have one project in mind. Hiring a contractor means they’re ready to handle any unexpected developments.

Remember, when professional improvements are made, property values rise, neighbors are happy that your house isn’t owned by a slob and, frankly, if it’s your business that’s getting a cleaning, you might be inviting more customers to your store. They will, in the long-run, help pay for the pro.

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A.L. House Painting and Pressure Washing also offers staining services for decks, porches, patios, stairs and the house itself (interior and exterior).  All your home renovation needs.

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Educate Yourself on Painting Prep Before Hiring

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Try to make sure decorative
removable pieces are painted
separately, then replaced.
When hiring a professional team to re-paint your house this Spring, there are a number of steps to go through before the actual painting can start.

It is wise to know some of the process yourself. 

This way you can assess how well the job is being done as a client and rest assured that it will be done properly and no corners are being cut.

So that nothing gets damaged, surrounding landscape plantings, air conditioning units, BBQ grills and the like will need to be protected from cleaning agents, paint chips, paint splatters and other debris.

You will want to make sure that they:

  • Turn off power to the air conditioner condensing unit.
  • Turn off gas to the BBQ grill and other appliances.
  • Use canvas drop cloths cover the exterior appliances, foundation plantings and other delicate plants that could be damaged. (Not plastic tarps since they do not breathe like canvas and the plantings will swelter under the plastic sheets.)
  • You also may want to tie a cord around tall bushes near the house and pull the bush away from the home and stake it in the ground so the bush does not interfere with painting if you think the drop cloths are not quite protecting everything.
After these steps, things affixed to the house should all be removed and patched or painted, to be replaced after the exterior painting is completed.

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Consider a Triad Color Scheme for Your Home Decor in 2015

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
A softened version of the
red, yellow and blue triadic
colors is just one of the
many ways to execute this
design plan elegantly.
For a fresh new way of coming up with an exciting and pleasing color scheme for your interior paint job, consider a triadic theme.

This interior color scheme uses 3 colors evenly spaced around the color wheel; in other words, if you combine every fourth color on the color wheel, you will get a Triadic combination. For example, yellow, red and blue, or orange, green and violet make up a Triad.

Triadic interior paint color schemes are very popular among artists, because they offer strong visual contrast while still looking balanced and rich when composed properly.

Similar to Complementary interior color schemes, a Triad color scheme is intrinsically vibrant and very contrasting. The possibilities it offers are nearly infinite. But since the colors in the scheme are placed so far apart from one another and are not connected by a common denominator, they tend to compete for attention.

Truth be told, this interior home color scheme is probably the most difficult one to get right. The diversity of colors within the scheme does not guarantee harmony - in fact, this palette can look really discordant when its colors are used at or close to their full intensity. The end result can range from subtle to lively to gaudy, so the success of this scheme will really depend on your ability to carefully balance and subdue this bold and colorful mix of hues.

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When you choose A. L. Painting House Painting Services, you’ll see why we’ve grown to become a trusted name in the house painting contractor business.  

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