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How to do a Stellar Paint Job in Your Home!

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Paint will refresh everything!
Your home is the place you go to get away from the stress of work and traffic, and it gives you a sense of security and comfort, so why not use one of the best and least expensive home interior decorating techniques to help create the sanctuary you want. Getting rid of the stark white walls and having the home painted is about the most basic thing you can do for a fairly quick dramatic difference.

To start with, narrow your selection to a few colors that seem to complement, rather than compete with, your furniture and furnishings.

Don't select very bright colors unless you are certain that you want your walls to be the focal point in the room.

Your best bet is to find the most neutral shades for the colors that you have in mind. For example, if there are seven shades of red paint, the most neutral shade will be the one in the middle of the bunch.

To add further interest, here are some things you can do after the initial paint job:

  1. Faux painting - (pronounced "foe") means "false". To faux paint is to paint one object to resemble another. With this interior painting idea, you can use paint to create the illusion of natural materials such as wood, marble, granite, etc. One easy faux painting technique is called Rag Painting. It can really provide an elegant look to your walls. This technique first requires you to add a a coat of satin finish paint (in your desired color) to the walls. When this coat is dry, you will then apply a glaze in a lighter or darker color. As the glaze is being applied, you'll gently press a bunched up rag against the wall to achieve the desired affect.
  2. Wall Stenciling - this interior painting idea involves applying color to a wall, floor, or ceiling through cutout areas of a template that create a design. When the cutout template or stencil is removed, the pattern remains. The pattern can be of anything you like including animals, stars, geometric patterns, flowers, the alphabet, etc. The process is very easy and it will add texture to your room. Also, a stencil design can be used over and over again anywhere in your home.
  3. Rubber Stamping - This is super fast and easy, and will give you unbelievable results! You may be familiar with using rubber stamping techniques to create greeting cards and other small handmade gifts. Now you can use those techniques on your walls.

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