Wednesday, June 10

How to Hire a Painter in Four Easy Steps

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

Get the paint job you need
checked off your to-do list.
Have you been putting off getting your home professionally painted? Maybe this Spring is a good time to finally get it done...
and here are simple instructions:

  1. Get Personal Referrals and References. Ask friends, neighbors and colleagues who have hired paint contractors in the past five years for referrals or recommendations based on their experiences. Online neighborhood groups can be a great way to do this efficiently. Once you have several referrals, call at least three paint contractors to get estimates.
  2. Get Onsite House-painting Estimates. Ask your narrowed pool of potential painters for an estimate. Be wary of any who offer estimates without visiting your home -- an experienced contractor must take measurements of the project space and inspect potentially problematic surfaces before estimating how much paint, time and repair work are needed to do the job correctly. Walk through the project area or show the contractor every area that requires painting so he can give an accurate estimate.
  3. Plan the Specifics of the Painting Job. Tell your potential painter as much as you can about your expectations ahead of time, including the color and sheen of the paint. Discuss the time frame for the entire project, as well as what hours and which days work will be done.
  4. Write it Down in Contract Form. Once you've chosen a paint contractor, ask for a written contract spelling out everything you've agreed upon, including cost, time frame and cleanup details. Read the agreement carefully to make sure it covers all of your concerns, as well as how potential complaints, paint omissions or issues should be handled once the project is complete.

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