Wednesday, June 17

A Good Pressure Wash is Great for a Home

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
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 being power washed.
Spring is a perfect time of year for homeowners to consider pressure washing their property. A good cleaning will do more than improve the look of your house, driveway, fencing, pool, deck or patio; it will also preserve your home's value by ridding it of harmful mold, algae or other contaminates.

A pressure washing can also clear gutters and downspouts, minimizing the chance for water damage to the roof, windows or foundation. Homeowners should think twice before trying to tackle this job themselves, though, or hiring an amateur. A power washing done improperly could lead to costly damage. Vinyl siding, typically ends up with very obvious chalky marks on it, and it's hard to repair.

Professional power-washing companies often get calls from overambitious homeowners who started pressure washing their driveway and ended up trying to do the deck or house, only to splinter wood or damage siding.

Hiring a professional company to pressure-wash your home is the best way to go and not that expensive. In addition to adding curb appeal and keeping its value high, there are other benefits such as the ability to have it painted after a good wash, and the fixing the common problem of roof algae. It grows in areas where moisture collects, often on the north side of the house, and is usually indicated by black streaks. Done well, a roof cleaning by an experienced pressure-washing company can rid it of the algae and drastically improve its appearance. Done incorrectly, though, it could also cause serious damage and void the roof's warranty. Homeowners need to find a qualified and reputable company before having their roof cleaned.

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