Tuesday, November 11

The Necessity of Pressure Washing Before an Exterior Paint Job

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Always clean brick
before painting!
This will make the paint job last.
Do you live in a brick home? Perhaps you like the look of painted brink and are looking to make the change either to update your home or simply to create the look that you want.

If this is the case, then you need to give serious consideration to pressure washing your home before painting it. 

Why is this so important? Read on to learn more.

The fact is that brick can grow mold and mildew over time. It also gets covered with dirt and grime. Finally, brick that is old may start to chip. One of the nice things about brick is that it can often hide such unpleasantries. Of course, if you can't see the debris or chipping, you may not think about how it will affect your paint job. After all, if you end up painting over dirt, mold, and chipped brick, you will definitely see your paint job lose its luster much faster.

Once you have painted your brick, you may notice the need to clean it more regularly. Unfortunately, if the brick wasn't cleaned prior to painting, pressure washing it later could take off the paint in places that were properly prepared. Even if you don't pressure wash the home, it still leaves the paint more likely to begin peeling in places where dirt and other debris was painted over.

It can be expensive to have a home painted. It's a big investment, and it should last for years to come.

Preparing the home before painting will give you the best chance at getting your money's worth from the paint job. 

Therefore, be sure to get your brick home pressure washed before having it painted.

One more thing to consider is the timing of the work being preformed. Don't pressure wash your home and then wait weeks before you paint it. Once the brick has been pressure washed, be sure to paint it within a week or two to ensure that no debris has a chance to build back up or for new chipping to occur and defeat the purpose of pressure washing it in the first place.

Remember too that your house doesn't need to be brick for this to apply. You should always pressure wash before painting a home. By following this simple rule, you can make the paint job last longer and keep your house looking beautiful, just like you want it.


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