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Choosing a Paint Color for Your Living Room

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Choose the color for your
primary living area carefully and
it will be a joy to be in the room
In most homes, the living room is used a lot for social activities and relaxation, so it’s important to choose the perfect paint color you’re going to be happy living with every day. 

Color influences our mood and our perception of size.

Before you settle on a living room paint color, view the swatches with natural sunlight in the room during the day, and artificial light at night time, because paint colors can look slightly different under both kinds of light. Here is some popular color choice information to help you choose the right scheme for you:

RED interior paint is an exciting, lively color to paint on living room walls. Red wall paint in a living room goes with brown, black, or white furniture. Area rugs and throw pillows with a dash of red will coordinate nicely with the wall color. If your furniture is white, or near white, paint the walls red to make a bold statement in the room.

TAN interior paint, or brown, are versatile colors that can be used on living room walls without worry because the colors are much easier to match with decor. Tan wall paint looks fine with hardwood flooring, wooden furniture and other earthy colors like green. Brown also looks nice with a touch of red in a room, or blue. If your living room is small, choose a light shade of brown to prevent the room from looking dark or small.

GREEN interior paint is calming and welcoming. Like tan, green is easy to coordinate, and it goes with several colors, such as tan, brown, yellow or red. Sage green is a popular color choice for a living room, and vibrant, bright greens are best for kids rooms. Green looks really nice in a room with doors and trim painted extra white.

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