Wednesday, May 20

Fun Things To Do With Interior and Exterior Painting Projects in 2015

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Painting is a low-cost way to do a
majority of your interior design.
Do you want painting ideas and inspiration for design projects around your home?

Learn how to stage your home for selling with neutrals. Get excited with ceiling paint ideas, creating easy but beautiful designs on your ceilings to add height and interest to what many designers call "the fifth wall". Consider vibrant accent walls. Use chalkboard paint, now available in any color, to make playful and artistic spaces in your home, (one fresh idea: a kitchen table-top canvas?!) or large wall calendars!

Outside, consider painting stepping stones or a timeless checkerboard porch floor, which requires minimal preparation and is decorative but understated and classic. Learn about how to use concrete stain to transform your patio with beautiful color blocks. 

If you lean towards being an artist, consider also learning some decorative painting techniques. How about wood-grains, marble and limestone look-alikes, tone-on-tone stenciled damasks, or a pearlescent hued wall encrusted with sea shells? These are some of the basic techniques you could learn how to do in your own home:

  • Mottling
  • Color Washing
  • Strie
  • Stenciling
  • Layering
  • Faux Finishes
  • Pearlescent Hues
  • Brush, roller, sponge, and cloth techniques

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