Wednesday, April 8

Lighten and Brighten Your Kitchen

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Painting cabinets white is tasteful
 and brightens a dark kitchen.
Kitchens are often one of the most utilized areas of a home, so their decoration requires a lot of thought. Dark kitchen designs are usually not as visually pleasing as light-filled decors.

You can illuminate your kitchen in multiple ways, ranging from painting existing walls and cabinetry to adding colorful accessories and mirrors.

Bright kitchens sometimes feel larger, which is an added benefit, especially for a small room.

A Few Ideas:

  • Use a light color palette to create a light kitchen decor. Paint the walls a light hue, such as soft tan, creamy white or buttercup yellow, to help reflect the light in the room and give the entire space a light-filled backdrop.
  • Incorporate myriad lighting fixtures into the bright kitchen design. Use under-the-cabinet lights to illuminate dark countertop areas. These specialty fixtures provide much-needed light to the countertop surfaces.
  • Add a mirror to a sink area with no window to instantly brighten the space and give it added dimension. Coordinate the mirror frames with the colors and style of the room for best visual appeal.
  • Display a group of vintage aprons on a peg shelf to add color to the space. Showcase a collection of brightly hued dishes in an open cabinet or hang colored plates on a soffit area to add light, height and design to the kitchen.

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