Wednesday, January 21

Exciting Color Trends for 2015 from Top Designers

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
Choose paint colors straight
from the 2015 runway!
11 top designers have been asked to predict the design color trends of the upcoming year. From olive greens and bright patterns, to "Monet meets Molly Ringwald," these chic combinations may be the next big thing.

Palettes of colors from the 1960's have been spotted, giving shades like olive and orange new life. Some like a little touch of sour green mixed in with anything, (blue for example), for a fresh, bold look. Some will be looking back to the pastel pallette of Los Angeles in the eighties and adding pops of neon, for a sort of "Monet meets Molly Ringwald!" Then there are the Renaissance-painting-inspired combinations of greens, plums, cerulean blue, beiges and whites- and the mixing of patterns and textures...

These are the 2015 color trends you NEED to know NOW!!

SEE/READ THEM HERE >> The 2015 Color Trends You NEED to Know Now

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