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Choosing The Right Paint Sheen For Your Interior House Painting Job

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Choosing a child friendly
house paint.

The sheen of a paint is the amount of light reflected by the surface of a paint finish. There are four basic interior house paint sheens: flat, satin, semi gloss and gloss.

Which type of paint should you use?

Two properties you need to consider, how much wear and tear will the surface get and is a sheen or gloss to the finish going conflict with your decorating scheme. If you are painting a storage room or other area which will be subjected to hard use and frequent washings, go with the highest gloss you can as these paints are designed for just that. If the "feel" of the room is important such as a living room or bedroom, choose the lower gloss finishes for a calm soothing feel.
  • Flat House Paints exhibit non-reflective properties providing a matte finish. This finish helps hide surface imperfections, and is normally used for ceilings and walls in areas not subjected to a lot of wear and tear, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms not used by small children.
  • Satin Finish House Paints also know as eggshell finish, provides a soft luster sheen similar to that of an eggshell. A satin finish provides a harder surface finish which is more durable and more stain resistant than a flat finish. This durability makes satin paint a good choice for walls in children's rooms, hallways, stairways and family rooms.
  • Semi gloss House Paints are very durable, they are easier to clean, and are more stain resistant than satin finish paints. Semi gloss paints are most often used on heavy wear surfaces or areas that are frequently cleaned such as kitchens and bathrooms. Semi gloss paint is also used on wood trim and cabinets. 
  • Gloss House Paints are a harder, more durable, more stain resistant paint finish. It is easier to clean than all the other paint finishes. Gloss finishes generally make surface imperfections more noticeable. Gloss finishes are the best choice for heavy wear areas like kitchens, bathrooms, furniture and cabinets, floors, stairs, handrails, high traffic doors and trim.

Regardless of which gloss level you choose you can be assured that A.L. Painting Company will help you choose the right paint for the job!

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