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How to Find The Right House Painting Service Contractor

Location: Alpharetta, GA, USA
A.L. Painting Co.
offers a 3-Year No Fear!
house painting Warranty. 
Finding residential house painters in Alpharetta who are licensed, insured and committed to excellence is important to receiving a quality paint job on your biggest investment--your home.

A. L. Painting Co. has specialized in house painting services and are proud members of the Better Business Bureau, including the BBB’s CARE program, since 2001.

Be sure to check out the house painting contractor at before signing a contract and discuss the following:
  • What are your credentials, experience and training.
  • Are you insured.
  • What is the process and preparation.  Gain a clear understanding of what they do and how they go about prepping the house for painting.
  • How you can best prepare for a professional  to come to your home. Find out specifically what the painter needs from you (you may need to commit personal time to get your home prepared for the process).
  • Be clear about your budget and do not sign any contracts until you fully understand what is or isn’t included in the service.
  • Get clarification on what their services include, for example, purchasing of supplies for the organization process.
  • Ask for an estimate on how long the projects you have in mind will take to complete. Inquire about what might change/modify the timeline.
  • Find out how the house painter disposes of items removed from your home or office and if there are additional fees. 
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