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What You Need to Know for Choosing the Right Color for The Exterior of Your House

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Choosing the right color of paint for the exterior of your home can be a daunting task – or a boring task depending. If you live out on your own, outside of a neighborhood that is, you can choose pretty much any color you want. If you live in a neighborhood though, it might be a good idea to follow a few “rules of thumb”.

If you live in a neighborhood, it is even more important to listen to these rules of thumb due to being in a neighborhood covenant. A covenant basically dictates what you can and cannot do to the outside of your house, usually to protect real estate prices from plummeting in the area due to some crazy guy painting his house like a Picasso.

So what are these rules of thumb for choosing the right exterior paint colors? 

Here they are:
  • Look at your whole neighborhood – the big picture – if everyone’s houses are a shade of brown, you might postpone your idea of painting your entire home blood red.
  • Review your Home Owners’ Association covenants to see what limitations you must adhere to
  • Be a good neighbor. There is a lot to be said about being a good neighbor; for one thing good neighbors typically do not choose a prismatic color scheme with all the colors of the rainbow as the paint job of their houses. Just saying.
  • If you want to stand out without being a sore thumb, consider painting the accessory parts of your house. For instance, in an all brown neighborhood you may choose to have your house overall be brown but have a bold red front door to accentuate the style and d├ęcor of your household. Being different in this way is very respectable, it can even help the overall value of your home to increase. 

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Keep these few rules of thumb in mind when it comes to deciding what color to paint the exterior of your house. They will serve you well.

Again, I cannot stress enough; make sure to double check your Home Owners’ Association for your local neighborhood. Doing that could save you a lot of heart ache before you get your hopes up about your exciting paint job.

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